Charles Paquin - 5 Holiday events to get ready for

5 Holiday events to get ready for

The holiday season is upon us and that means we’ll all be very busy with a number of events and family gatherings. Is there a better time to get excited about dressing up a little and spending time with the important people in our lives? Of course, many of us are going to be on the lookout for fantastic new pieces to wear for the festivities. Do you have the perfect bag for a family gathering? How about for New Year’s Eve? Our list of bags for your holiday events will be sure to get you inspired.

The Family Gathering

Not all family gatherings are created equal, but come December we can expect to be surrounded by most of our closest friends and family for some long-awaited partying. Now, whether you’re someone who cares to make a good impression at family events or who likes to make a statement, we’ve got just the right style in mind. The Dior Montaigne Wallet on Chain is a perfect example of a bag that’s both bold and chic, ideal for keeping things elegant or loud. The choice is yours! We especially love this piece for its mesmerising colour and shine. The silver-toned hardware and chain help to truly bring out the colour and elegance of this luxury bag. If you're lucky, you can still find this piece in our collection. The great thing about Dior is that so many of their luxury bags are amazing at doing bold chicness. You’d be sure to find a bag to suit your style. We happen to have a large collection of preloved Dior handbags to browse. Feel free to look through the collection to get a taste of something bold, something chic, something you…

 Dior 30 Montaigne Wallet On Chain

Reward Yourself

With the end of the year comes another year of moving your career into the right direction. No matter what it is that you do or what promotion you’ve gotten, you’re probably going to want to reward all of your efforts at some point. Gift yourself, this season, with a designer bag that you’ll be more than proud to carry with you at the office. Something that you can smile at when you see it resting on your desk throughout the work day. We’re of course talking about one of the pinnacles of the luxury fashion world. Chanel bags are thought of as some of the chicest bags that you can possibly obtain in your collection. Because of that fact, they are often reserved for some of the most special occasions in our lives. The Chanel Kelly bag is probably one of the most sophisticated-looking “office ready” bags imaginable. Unlike some of Chanel’s more sought-after models, which can be a bit too small for a work days' worth of stuff, the Kelly Bag is spacious enough for your documents, lunch, and other essentials. That’s just our recommendation though… If you want to find the preloved Chanel bag of your dreams, you can always browse our extensive collection to find a bag worthy of all of your hard work.

 CHANEL Kelly Bag

The Friend’s Night 

With the holidays come some much-appreciated time off from work and school. You’re most likely going to organise a night or two out with your friends. So, if you’re planning on having a blast, you’re probably going to want to look the part too. For your night out, the Stud Sign Hobo Techno Lux bag by Valentino is at the top of our list. Loud and proud, this bag by Valentino will look amazing in all of your photos and will absolutely shine when you’re out exploring the night. While this bag speaks for itself, we have to highlight our love for Valentino’s use of their signature stud. Valentino is a true master at creating bold statement pieces that each stand out more than the next. If you’re as bold as this Stud Sign hobo Techno Lux, you can find it and others like it in our collection of designer Valentino bags. Need something a little more lowkey? Check out our diverse collection of preloved luxury shoulder bags from a variety of different designer brands.

 VALENTINO Stud Sign Hobo Techno Lux

Date night

Planning for a date night? Whether it’s to the movies or having dinner at your favourite restaurant, you’ll want to be ready for your time out with your significant other. When it comes to going out for the night, we can’t think of a more important feature in a bag than comfort. Of course, your ideal bag has to be cute, luxurious, fabulous…but practicality cannot be overstated. An iconic bag that comes to mind is Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Accessoires. There’s nothing worse than being dragged down by extra weight when you want to be light on your feet. You’ll fall in love with this lightweight pochette’s compact aesthetic that you’ll enjoy carrying with you throughout your day. The Pochette Accessoires comes in a variety of styles and different limited editions. You can explore our range of used Louis Vuitton Pochettes Accessoires, just in time for your next date night.

 LOUIS VUITTON Pochette Accessoires

New Year’s Night Out 

The New Year is all about change and the hope of a new direction in life. If you’ve been to a New Year’s Eve (NYE) party, then you understand the excitement. To get ready for NYE, you’re going to want to think glamorous. You can typically expect to find gold, silver, and white tones. Some of our favourite creative pieces come from Bottega Veneta and it’s easy to see why. The Metallic The Mini Pouch Crossbody bag is a perfect example of the kind of bag you can expect to see at a NYE. We love its silver shine and embossed exterior! Colour aside, The Pouch bag is such a unique piece. It really is no wonder that Bottega Veneta is known for being a designer brand with a flair for originality. Look through our collection of The Pouch bags to find the one that suits your style the most. If you’re in the mood for something even more creative, check out our entire collection of preloved bags from Bottega Veneta.
BOTTEGA VENETA Metallic The Mini Pouch Crossbody

Hopefully, we touched on some of your most anticipated holiday events. We hope that our selection of bags has given you some much needed inspiration. If you’re looking for more ideas for the holidays, read all about our holiday gift idea guide.

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