Charles Paquin - 5 Holiday Gift Ideas You Need

5 Holiday Gift Ideas You Need

 With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifting for all those we hold near and dear to our hearts. Thankfully, when it comes to preloved luxury, there are many options available for amazing holiday gifts. The luxury bags and designer accessories in our collection make for the best presents and are available in hundreds of different styles. However, as we all know, thoughtful gifting is always easier said than done. To help you out this season, we’ve come up with a list of five types of luxury gifts to get you started on your inspiration journey.


Wallets are your best friend for under $500

Affordable preloved luxury is certainly possible - and here’s why. Some of our favourite designer accessories bring a touch of luxury in our lives without the hefty price tag. Take designer wallets for instance. Designer wallets are a great way to either complete a look or simply to begin the journey towards luxury. Most of the designer brands that we carry take care to make sure that their collections are in sync. You won’t find Louis Vuitton or Gucci making amazing luxury bags and then going on to create a bad-quality wallet range. Designer brands tend to create their collections with matching in mind, so their accessories and other bag-friendly luxury items will match in both quality and style. Most designer wallets are made to match with the same materials. What this really means for luxury lovers, is that it gets quite easy to find an affordable good-quality luxury wallet, since there are so many options to choose from. The Prada Saffiano Zip Long Wallet is a perfect example of a quality designer wallet that uses the same amazing leather that’s used to create Prada’s tasteful designer bags in the Saffiano line. With some of these wallets going for as little as $500 and under, you’re sure to be getting a preloved wallet that’s made to be luxurious. Our collection of preloved Saffiano wallets is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re looking for more inspiration in the under $500 range, we offer many options in our own Under $500 collection.

PRADA Saffiano Zip Long Wallet

Get a vintage tote for under $1000

When designer bags come to mind, we tend to think they all come at a very expensive price. The good thing about purchasing preloved is that even high-ticket items don’t have to break the bank. If you take it a step further, finding a great designer bag at an affordable price is surprisingly easy. At $1000, there are many options to choose from. You can see what we mean by looking at our Under $1000 collection. However, Louis Vuitton’s Petit Noé is a perfect example of an affordable designer tote that’s worth considering. The Petit Noé is surprisingly underrated, given that it is Louis Vuitton’s second oldest bag to be designed. First appearing in 1832, the Noé bag was made to carry champagne bottles for picnics and other festivities. The Noé has remained ever since and its gorgeous design has retained much of its original shape, which we are very grateful for. The Noé easily brings a touch of chic vintage appeal to your day-to-day style and will easily hold whatever personal items you need for the day. If you’d like to get the vintage-looking Petit Noé for under $1000, you won’t be disappointed. If you’d care to spend a little more, the bigger Noé option gives you more space and more of that vintage appeal that has been regaining popularity recently.



Luxury travel bags for your travelling friend 

The ultimate luxury travel gift is one we hope you aren’t surprised to see. Louis Vuitton’s Keepall is probably one of the most recognisable pieces of luxury travel wear to be found on the market. If you aren’t familiar with Louis Vuitton’s history as a luxury travel brand, you can find out more about it in our previously written article. The Keepall is a staple of the brand and can be found in four sizes of width in centimetres: 45, 50, 55, and 60. You’ll find that the first two options are very popular as weekender bags or carry-on bags for your overseas travels. But if you have a lot to carry with you, the two biggest sizes that are available are great options for luggage and are recommended to be purchased with their matching strap to help carry the load. If you know someone who is an avid traveller, the Keepall is a thoughtful gift that will elevate their travelling experience by providing them with a luxurious bag that can be cherished for a lifetime. Consider looking through our collection of used Keepall bags for the appropriate size that you need. You can also take a look at our entire Louis Vuitton travel bag collection. You’ll see that Louis Vuitton’s reputation as a luxury travel brand is well deserved.

LOUIS VUITTON Keepall 55 Bandoulière

A luxury crossbody bag – for the man in your life 

We often think of designer bags as a woman’s interest, but that is simply not the case. There are hundreds of beautifully designed luxury bags for men that elevate both style and day to day practicality. While we encourage men to experiment with non-traditional men’s designs, there are still so many men’s designer bags to choose from! One of the more popular bag styles that men tend to go for are crossbody bags. Crossbody bags are first and foremost practical, since they allow for a hands-free day while offering all the space one would need for various personal items. When it comes to gorgeous looking designer bags for men, we think that the GG Supreme Crossbody Bag is a top contender. GG Supreme is always so tasteful and has the benefit of being even more scratch-resistant than your average canvas bag. You can find our selection of preloved GG Supreme Crossbody Bags for him. We’re definitely recommending crossbody bags for men this holiday season. If you still need more options, we carry a large selection of preowned crossbody bags from a variety of luxury designers from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and much more.

GUCCI GG Supreme Crossbody Bag

Splurge a little with the Alma bag

This one's for you! While you could always splurge on a friend or love interest, sometimes we deserve to splurge on ourselves when the time is right. Well, what time is more right than the end of the year? There are many options we could give for a splurge gift. You can take a look at our expertly curated Beyond Luxury collection to get a good idea of what’s out there. That being said, the Miroir Alma BB is at the top of our list. The Alma bag is a well-known favourite for many of us in the luxury fashion world. A simply iconic design from one of the best in the game, the Alma bag has been going strong for nearly 100 years. We absolutely adore the BB version of this bag! Its size is too cute to pass on and makes it so that you can bring your Alma everywhere you go. Whether it’s to travel, run errands, or go to a function, the BB is the perfect size for both convenience and style. We particularly love Louis Vuitton’s use of “Miroir”, which makes the bag pop with a little extra “je ne sais quoi”. Be warned, it is a rare piece to find, so we wish you luck on your splurge pursuit! You can get a better look at our preloved Louis Vuitton Alma collection to find your ideal Alma bag today.


Every year, we try to come up with different gifting ideas to spice things up. We hope that you got some ideas for this year’s holiday shopping. We honestly think that there are no better gifts than luxury pieces that will last you a lifetime! If you’re in need of even more inspiration, take a look at our last article on some of our top Louis Vuitton styles for Black Friday.

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