Charles Paquin - A Father’s Day gift guide to six types of dads.

A Father’s Day gift guide to six types of dads.

Giving back to dad can be a tough one. Every third Sunday of June, otherwise known as Father’s Day, many of us hope to express our gratitude to dad as best as we can. For some of us out there, it’s a pretty straightforward task. Though for many sons and daughters, it’s probably easier said than done. Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for since many of us have the notion that they’ll be happy with whatever it is we get them. For some reason, that’s even more stressful to deal with! To help you out this Father’s Day, explore our suggestion of pre-loved luxury bags for your type of dad.


For the dad that lives to travel.

The Travelling Dad is the type to always plan for the next trip before even starting the one that’s around the corner. If you have fond memories of seeing the world with your father and getting to explore a little outside of home, then you know how important travelling can be to create long-lasting experiences. It’s no secret that the right bag can make all the difference, especially when you’re on the go. A good quality second-hand luxury bag can not only make travelling feel more rewarding but can also act as a family memento to associate all those years of exploration with. The best designer second-hand bags are made to last and will give you a better chance of preserving their use. The first brand that comes to mind when it comes to luxury travel is, of course, Louis Vuitton. You can find out more about Louis Vuitton’s history as a luxury travel brand from our previous article. For the Travelling Dad who deserves some luxury, we recommend a Keepall 60. This spacious used luxury bag is the largest available size for the Keepall series. Dad will have all the storage room he will ever need from a carry-on bag. Check out our vast collection of pre-loved Keepall bags for your ideal size and style. We have hundreds of other second-hand bags from Louis Vuitton that may just be right for your dad.

second-hand luxury bag Keepall 60


The Business Dad is always on the go.

Your father is a Business Dad when he’s out the door in a suit and tie as soon as the sun is up. Much like our previous kind of dad, the Business Dad is on the go and doesn’t have a lot of time to waste. If this sounds like your dad, you probably already know how much he values efficiency. Additionally, when it comes to business attire, you’ll often find black, grey, white, and navy blue as top choices. Subtlety and quality are key. To make your Father’s Day special for this type of dad, we recommend a second-hand designer bag that’s made to be durable, compact, and easy to carry. The GG Supreme Messenger Bag is an ideal Gucci messenger bag worth looking into. This luxury bag has a thick adjustable strap for comfortable carrying and possesses multiple pockets and a zipper compartment for quick organisation. We especially like the flap button, since it easily secures personal items without making ease of access a struggle when you need them the most. Check out our other Gucci messenger bags for more gift inspiration. Your dad may also like a wallet from our collection of authentic Gucci wallets

second-hand designer bag GG Supreme Messenger Bag


Help a New Dad out and show him you care.

Do you know someone who is about to be a New Dad? Perhaps your father is even about to welcome a new child into the family. No matter the situation, being a new father isn’t exactly easy. New Dads are certainly fast to learn that there’s no such thing as too much space when it comes to carrying everything you need for a new born. For the New Dad in your life, we recommend a roomy second-hand shoulder bag that he won’t be afraid to use. While we believe everyone should feel comfortable hauling around any bag that they want, we know that this isn’t the case just yet. That’s why the Givenchy Nightingale is well suited to be used for all those baby essentials that need to be on hand at a moment's notice. It features useful side pockets and zippers to make organisation a breeze. With this second-hand designer shoulder bag, a New Dad can be confident he’ll have all the space he needs to take care of his newborn while also wearing a luxury bag that looks good and feels good too. If you like the look of the Nightingale, we carry other variations of this style as well. For more Givenchy, explore our collection to your heart's content.


Stylish Dads know how to have fun with fashion.

Is your dad usually on board with current fashion trends? Is he even ahead of them at times? We’d like to dedicate this next bag suggestion to the Stylish Dads out there. As you already know, a Stylish Dad who follows the latest trends is a dad who isn’t afraid to experiment when it comes to fashion. When it comes to brands that tend to push the boundaries of what we view as normal, Balenciaga is definitely out there as one of those designer brands. The Motocross Classic Clip Clutch  is a stylish clutch which features a removable strap. This sleek-looking clutch will have no trouble fitting all of your dad’s essentials while keeping a stylish yet simple profile. We carry other kinds of bags in the Motocross style  that may just interest you. Come explore our other options from Balenciaga to find the right stylish bag for your Stylish Dad.

 Motocross Classic Clip Clutch


Show your Vintage Dad that you appreciate his old soul.

When you go through your father’s collection of stuff, do you notice a lot of “old-looking” vintage items that aren’t exactly trending today? We get it, there’s a certain appeal to things made before our time. They make us think about how people used to think, act, and live before we came into the world. Besides, vintage items kind of just look cool. If any of what was just written speaks to you, your Vintage Dad would surely appreciate a good quality vintage briefcase that he can use to go to work or even to travel with. The Monogram Briefcase Trunk is very much a throwback to the heritage of Louis Vuitton. Its rigid and rectangular structure is very much reminiscent of the very first trunks used in travel by the voyagers of old. We carry a selection of other similar vintage trunks and used high fashion briefcases to suit your Vintage Dad’s needs.

good quality vintage briefcase Monogram Briefcase Trunk


Sporty Dads deserve luxury as well.

The final type of dad on our list is what can easily be described as the Sporty Dad in your life. You will know if this is your dad, if he spends a lot of his free time going to the gym, meeting with friends to play tennis, or really any other kind of sport. While gym bags and other duffel bags are commonly used to carry sports clothing and shoes, they can often lack the quality and aesthetic that only designer bags can bring. To help your Sporty Dad feel his best when he’s on the way to his favourite activity, we suggest looking into a Prada vintage bag such as the Tessuto Tote Bag. It features large handles for the shoulder which also fit comfortably in the hands. The detachable and adjustable strap add extra convenience for when he’ll need a hands-free option. You may also want to consider other Tessuto totes by Prada.

Prada vintage bag Tessuto Tote Bag


We hope that this guide was helpful to you. Hopefully you found the perfect bag for your dad or were at least inspired by the type of dads that we described. Have a memorable Father's Day and remember to cherish your time with him however you can! If you’d like more bag inspiration, we previously wrote about our Creative Director Nicolas Pendenza and his new collection

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