Charles Paquin - A guide to 5 bags for 5 different moms on this Mother’s Day

A guide to 5 bags for 5 different moms on this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is back again, which means that most of us are faced with the daunting task of attempting to give back to mom on this important occasion. And although one single day in the year cannot compensate for what we owe our mothers, hopefully, this one day that we do dedicate to them is enough to show our appreciation. To help you out this Mother’s Day, we have come up with our own guide to finding the perfect designer bag for your mom’s style!


The Chic Mom - you know when you see her!

When you think about your mom, do the words “classy” and “chic” come to mind? If so, you probably already have an idea of the kind of designer brand that would best suit her style. We are, of course, talking about Dior. Dior bags are easily the top recommendation for the Chic Mom in your life. The French luxury designer brand has built a reputation for timeless designs that often include gorgeous hardware that captures all of the attention. We recommend the Lady Dior Medium for a Dior bag worthy of the chicest mom . What we especially love about this bag is the dangling “DIOR” chain which gives it its uniqueness. If you are looking for something else, we have a wide selection of second-hand handbags from Dior that you may enjoy. You may also want to check out used high fashion Dior shoulder bags for more Mother’s Day gift inspiration. 

DIOR USED BAG Lady Dior Medium


For the Minimalist Mother in your life!

The Minimalist Mom is one of the easiest to shop for on our list. As the name entails, if your mother is someone who enjoys monochromatic looks or does not like to mix and match different patterns, you have yourself a mother with a minimalist penchant. Minimalism is usually characterised as a style that is simple yet pleasing in its uncomplicatedness. With that being said, it is not unusual for bright and loud accessories to break up the uniformity of a minimalist look - a little bit of flair to complement and contrast the muted aspect of the style. We thought of our second-hand Celine Ring Bag as the perfect choice for a mother with minimalistic tendencies. The Ring Bag is characterised by its sleek exterior, lack of patterns, and a single ring to draw your attention to. LXR has more pre-owned designer bags by Celine that you may like. Start with our range of second-hand designer handbags and pre-owned designer shoulder bags and see what mom would love best!

second-hand Celine Ring Bag


The Busy Mom is always prepared - no matter what!

Picture this: you need to blow your nose and your mother takes out a stack of tissues from her bag. You also need a brush to quickly fix up your hair. Now, suddenly you are cold, and your mom takes out an extra cardigan from her bag. If this sounds familiar, then you have a Busy Mom taking care of you. If your mother is the type to always pack for any situation and is ready to take on the inconveniences of life, then you will know that a large bag is something your mom would love. For the Busy Mom in your life, we suggest a roomy tote bag that will help mom out with all of her carrying needs. Specifically, the Luco Louis Vuitton bag will be sure to be useful for a mother who needs to carry a lot while also wanting to look good at the same time. The Luco is a favourite of ours for its rounded rectangular shape and clean look. We have a variety of LV tote bags that are sure to please. Thinking bigger? We carry a wide selection of used Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bags that are always in demand.

used Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bags

The Artsy Mom loves to express herself through her sense of style!

Is your mom’s sense of style a little “out there”, to say the least? Maybe you love that and some of her flair even rubbed off on you. No matter the case, we are dedicating this next bag recommendation to the fun Artsy Mom who is not afraid to experiment a little with something loud, unconventional, and well - fun! One of the reasons to love Louis Vuitton is for their wide range of bags that the iconic French luxury designer brand is not afraid to design. Though we absolutely adore Louis Vuitton’s more classic designs, their limited editions and vintage bags have a certain charming appeal to them. If your mother is all about fun when it comes to her sense of style, she is sure to love the Limited Edition Monogram Perfo Demi Lune. From its shape, to colours, to perforated canvas, this Louis Vuitton shoulder bag has got a lot going on for itself. This shoulder bag is certain to be a pretty unique piece in your mother’s wardrobe and will make a statement whenever she decides to take it out - day or night! Explore our broad range of used Louis Vuitton designer bags and find whatever suits your fun mom the best.

Limited Edition Monogram Perfo Demi Lune


Professional Working Mommas work hard and deserve the best!

Last but not least on our list is the Professional Working Mom. When we think of a mom who is always putting in the hours at the office, we tend to think of a mom who knows how to treat herself right for all the challenging work she puts in. If this rings a bell, your mother is the kind of hard-working mom who loves to incorporate business-friendly accessories into her well-put-together look. The Galleria Double Zip Tote by Prada is a smart-looking bag that is sleek and elegant for the office. Perfect for a hardworking mom who knows what business chic is all about! If you are unsure of the Galleria Double Zip Tote, LXR has many more vintage Prada bags to choose from. If mom already has that sharp-looking bag for the office, consider looking at our selection of Prada wallets to complete her collection!

Galleria Double Zip Tote


Hopefully, we covered the type of mom that best suits your mother’s sense of style. If we did not, do not hesitate to check out what we have at LXR. We have a broad selection of new arrivals that is constantly being updated. You will be sure to find that perfect bag for Mother’s Day with us! Curious about our last article? We wrote about the impact of second-hand luxury on sustainability for Earth Day! You may also find interest in our blog post on what recent price increases mean for the pre-loved luxury market.

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