Charles Paquin - Add a touch of luxury with designer accessories

Add a touch of luxury with designer accessories

When we think about luxury fashion, the centrepieces of our collections are usually what come to mind first. However, it’s important not to forget that luxury can - and should - extend beyond the bag. We know it can be easy to neglect the finer details. For the designer handbag lovers out there, we’ve come up with an inspiration list of different luxury accessories you’ve been missing in your life. And if we’re also being honest, pre-loved luxury accessories are simply a fantastic way of getting introduced to the world of high fashion - without the hefty price tag.


Gucci belt bags are effortless

Who doesn’t love a good belt bag? They're versatile, comfortable, and oh so practical. Instead of worrying about where to keep your precious luxury handbag, you’ll be able to carry all your personal items while being hands-free for the day. Belt bags also act as outfit accessories which you can use to give a little flair to your style. These waist bags tend to be more casual, and if we’re being honest, you can never go wrong with casual luxury. Our favourite belt bag at the moment is one from Gucci. The GG Embossed Belt Bag captures the stylish flair that Gucci is known for while bringing the luxury feel you’re looking for. Truth be told, we love many of the used Gucci belt bags we carry. You’re sure to find at least one Gucci belt bag to fall in love with. However, if you have Gucci on your mind, you may want to look at our entire Gucci collection for your ideal used Gucci bag.   

GUCCI GG Embossed Belt Bag

THE Louis Vuitton accessory bag

One of the most popular accessory bags from Louis Vuitton out there. The Pochette Accessoires hardly needs an introduction. This small bag by LV is as practical as it is luxurious. We love this Louis Vuitton pochette because of its convenient size and profile for easy wearing. It easily dresses up or down, depending on the effort you want to put in for the day. More importantly, you’ll have a luxury bag that easily stores all the small personal items you’ll need for the day without being bogged down by a heavy bag. It really is just too cute to ignore. Louis Vuitton has created many iterations of this bag and for good reason. You can find many of our used bags in the Pochette Accessories style and choose the one that suits you best.

LOUIS VUITTON Pochette Accessoires

Louis Vuitton does travel accessories the best

As you may or may not be aware, Louis Vuitton has been in the business of making travel luxury items for quite some time now. Since 1854 to be exact. We previously wrote about Louis Vuitton’s history as a luxury travel brand, in case you want to do a little more reading on their fascinating history. One travel accessory must-have is a good-quality travel pouch. Travel pouches make organisation a breeze. We can’t think of anything worse than being at the airport and being asked to quickly get something like a phone, wallet, or passport out of our bags. We’ve all pretty much been there before. While any old pochette can do the trick, having a good-quality luxury pochette can make all the difference. It’s also just a lot of fun to match our designer handbags with the rest of what’s inside. The Pochette Voyage MM is a Louis Vuitton pochette to be on the lookout for if you’ve been meaning to organise your travelling collection with a little more luxury. Our selection from the Louis Vuitton Voyage collection is something to consider.

LOUIS VUITTON Pochette Voyage MM


Luxury scarves are here to stay

Scarves have been worn all over the world and have styled differently throughout the ages. Of all the things to love about scarves, their beautiful designs and feel against the skin are what we are after the most. It’s almost a given then, that our favourite luxury designers have created the most beautiful scarves out there with the quality and luxury that we expect from them. Whether we’re talking about cotton, wool, silk, a good luxury scarf should always feel amazing on your skin. Beyond simply bringing a touch of luxury to your outfit, scarved can be used to accessorise your favourite designer handbags for a more personal touch. Whether you want to heighten your apparel or accessorise your second-hand luxury bag, our collection of luxury scarves will definitely have you intrigued.

BURBERRY Nova Check Scarf


What’s not to love about Chanel earrings

A good pair of earrings is something that everyone should own - that’s what we think at least. Much like luxury scarves, a pair of luxury earrings helps to brighten up your look without much effort. Some earrings can be big and others can be small. Some are flashier than others, while some are more subtle. Among all the designer earrings out there, Chanel has stood out as an iconic designer brand that has created a range of golden earrings that retain their vintage-esque appeal even to this day. Our favourite Chanel earrings are the CC Logo Round Clip-On Earrings which feature the stunning “CC” logo that we’ve all come to fall in love with. Their small round shape and golden hue are eye-catching, yet elegant to say the least. Pure elegance. It’s as simple as that. You’ll find many gorgeous Chanel earrings among our collection. If you’re interested, our selection of used Chanel bags is a sight to behold. Authentic Chanel is hard to come by, so you may as well take a look and find the vintage Chanel bag of your dreams while you still have the chance.

 CHANEL CC Logo Round Clip-On Earrings


An honourable mention for Louis Vuitton

When we think about the most popular luxury accessories out there, Louis Vuitton bags are top contenders. Whether you’re after used Louis Vuitton bags for their iconic monogram print, the quality of the materials, or its luxurious designs, Louis Vuitton has something for everyone. We had to highlight the Cite Pochette, which is a beautiful Louis Vuitton pochette worth looking up. Given that this pochette’s name literally means “city”, you can guess that it is an ideal bag for being out and about when you’re running errands or simply for spending the day on your feet. If you’re someone who’s been craving for a little Louis Vuitton luxury, our selection of Louis Vuitton pochettes will suit your needs. That being said, you’ll find many practical, yet luxurious, used Louis Vuitton bags among our large collection that may just speak to you.

 LOUIS VUITTON Cite Pochette


Gucci pouches are easy luxury

If you’re a fan of Gucci, this bag is for you. Gucci is another designer brand that’s mastered the art of creating beautifully crafted luxury bags that can be worn casually or formally. It’s entirely up to you! The GG Canvas Boat Baguette is that kind of bag! Easy to wear and sophisticated, this pouch is perfectly compact and stylish for your day out the house as well as the night. We carry a large selection of GG Canvas Boat Baguettes for you to choose from. You’ll see that this pouch comes in a variety of different styles and materials for every kind of person out there. If this pouch isn’t quite what you’re looking for, rest assured. We have a diverse collection of used Gucci pouches to browse. Your next dream Gucci pouch is just one click away.

GUCCI GG Canvas Boat Baguette

Hopefully you enjoyed our selection of current top accessory picks. With so many options to choose from, it can make your head spin. That’s why luxury fashion inspiration can sometimes be hard to come by. You’re always welcome to come read our blog for as much inspiration as you can get! On another note, we just wrote about a recap of our charity efforts here at LXR. If you’d like to know more about where our values stand and where your donations go, keep reading!

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