Charles Paquin - What fits in the bag? Our top 6 styles!

What fits in the bag? Our top 6 styles!

Finding the perfect bag is no easy task, especially when it comes to size. With hundreds of beautifully crafted designer bags out there, the options seem almost endless at times. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Prada… the list goes on. That being said, we sometimes have to be selective with what we decide to spend our hard-earned money on. Some people think that designer bags should first and foremost be a useful accessory which best suits a need. Not an unreasonable way of looking at it, if you ask us. To help you get a handle on sizing, let’s go through our top 6 styles and talk about what’s right for you.


Understanding Hermès’ Evelyne

The Evelyne is part of Hermès’ core collection. However, if you are new to the bag, understanding the differences between the Evelyne I, II, III, and Sellier along with all the different sizes may be a bit confusing. While all Evelyne bags have many apparent similarities, let’s simplify the differences between these styles. The Evelyne I is the first generation, which has no external pocket and no adjustable strap. What you see is what you get. As for The Evelyne II, it does have an external pocket but without an adjustable strap. The Evelyne III, is for many, the ultimate variation of this bag. It features an adjustable strap along with an external pocket for further organisation. As for the “newly” introduced Sellier, it does not have an outside pocket, but it does feature an adjustable strap along with a very apparent design change to the iconic perforated H logo. The embossed diamond-shaped design is how you can easily tell an Evelyne I, II, or III from an Evelyne Sellier. When it comes to the different sizes for the Evelyne, know that you can find it in TPM (16cm in length), PM (29cm in length), GM (33cm in length), and TGM (40cm in length). We find that Hermès’ Evelyne TPM is a good option for carrying your everyday essentials, while the Evelyne PM has a little more room to fit a bottle of water and a cosmetics pouch. The Evelyne GM is great for those who are looking for a little more room without having an “oversized” bag. Be warned, with the extra few centimetres between the PM and GM, you won’t feel a world of difference. The Evelyne TGM is the largest size available and is ideal for avid travellers or those who like to have everything on hand. Take a look at our collection of pre-loved Evelyne bags, if this Hermès bag caught your eye.


The Keepall comes in four convenient sizes

The Keepall is Louis Vuitton’s first-ever travel bag with an impressive history. You can read more on that in our article about Louis Vuitton’s history as a travel brand, if you’re interested. Made from various luxurious materials such as Damier Ebene, Epi… the most popular model for the Keepall features Louis Vuitton’s patent Monogram Canvas. While Keepalls are practically designed to be identical, you may find it a challenge to pick the right size for your needs. Thankfully, understanding the different sizes is pretty straightforward. Keepall sizes are identified with the two digits that come after its name: 45, 50, 55, and 60. In this case, the numbers represent the centimetres in width of your desired travel bag. The consensus seems pretty clear that the Keepall 45 and 50 are your best bet for an all-around luxury carry-on bag. If you’re in the market for a weekender bag, these sizes are ideal as well. The Keepall 55 and 60 are definitely more suited as true travel bags in which you will have no trouble packing for a week away. Since these bags are quite bigger than their smaller counterparts, they do tend to get heavy when fully packed. We therefore recommend purchasing the Keepall 55 and 60 as the Keepall Bandouliere version. The strap version of the Keepall is available for all sizes and we highly recommend spending a little extra for that added comfort and style. Our extensive collection of used Keepall bags is sure to impress you.



Three sizes for the Neverfull

The Neverfull is one of Louis Vuitton’s most successful tote bags to date and it’s easy to see why. As its name implies, you would be hard-pressed to fill this bag to the top. The Neverfull comes in sizes PM, MM, and GM. More precisely, The Neverfull PM measures 29.0 L x 21.0 H x 12.0 W, while the Neverfull MM measures 31.0 L x 28.5 H x 17.0 W, and the Neverfull GM being 39.0 L x 32.0 H x 19.0 W. So, how can you tell which size is best for you? We can talk about exact measurements, but sometimes examples are best for truly understanding what we mean. The Neverfull PM is an ideal everyday tote that you can use to carry all your essentials, along with a comfortable amount of extra room. Lunch and snacks are not a problem for the Neverfull PM. The Neverfull MM adds quite a bit more height to the bag and will let you carry everything you need for a day out - and then some. Having the option of bringing an extra sweater for when the day gets colder is always welcome. If you find yourself struggling to bring your daily essentials with you in your other tote bags, the Neverfull MM is sure to be the bag for you. When it comes to the Neverfull GM, rest assured that if you’re looking for a high-quality weekender bag, you’ve found the right luxury bag. Browse our collection of used Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags to find the right size you need.


Getting a grasp on the Chanel Classic Flap

The Chanel Classic Flap comes in a variety of different sizes, which can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s a lot more intimidating than it actually is. Crafted in six different dimensions, the Chanel Classic Flap bag ranges from Mini to Maxi. If you’re looking for a mini shoulder bag that’s “big” enough to carry your wallet and phone, the Chanel Mini Flap bag is what you’re looking for. Chanel makes this adorable compact Flap Bag in two versions: the Chanel Mini Square Flap Bag and the Chanel Mini Rectangular Flap Bag. Both of these options are compact and easy to wear. The only thing left for you to do is to choose your preferred shape. The Chanel Small Classic Flap offers a little more room than the Mini versions, which is nice if you’re looking for something a little more on the daily wear side of things. One nice feature to highlight is that the Small Classic Flap has two flaps, whereas the Mini sizes only have one. If extra security for your bags is a dealbreaker, that’s something to keep in mind. You just have to choose between easy access and more security, but the Mini Flap Bags and the Small Classic Flap Bags are two chic compact bags that are a true luxury to carry! Now, the most popular size for everyday wear happens to be the Chanel Medium Classic Flap. Great for the day or night, it will carry your essentials with ease and has enough room for a small makeup pouch. Its size is more in line with what you’d expect from a conventional shoulder bag. When it comes to the Jumbo Classic Flap, expect a fairly roomy everyday bag that won’t have you wanting for much more space. You can just about fit a 10” iPad in it, if you are so inclined. Finally, the biggest size available is the Chanel Classic Flap Maxi - and it shows. Compared to the Mini Flap, this bag is quite the difference! While not quite being the size of a tote, it still embodies the sophistication that Chanel is known for. A small laptop can fit snugly in the Classic Flap Maxi, but if you’re someone who just needs to have everything on hand while also craving the need for something truly luxurious, then the Classic Flap Maxi is just the size you need. Look through our collection of pre-loved Chanel Flap Bags and find your ideal size today.



The Alma is pretty straightforward

Fortunately for us, the Alma is quite easy to understand when it comes to its sizing. The Alma uses the same lettering system as the Neverfull with sizes available in BB, PM, MM, and GM. So, what fits inside the Alma BB? Just about the strict minimum for a day out the house. Your keys, wallet, and phone will be snug in this cute-looking iconic Louis V bag. If you’re out for quick errands or a night out, the Alma BB will do just fine. The Alma PM offers a bit more room than the BB version, but still keeps things compact. The Alma MM is what would be considered a good office bag with just enough room for everything you would need at work. While the Alma GM is now discontinued, you may still be able to get your hands on it, especially in the pre-loved market. At this size, expect to be able to carry whatever it is you may need for the day. If you’re someone who regularly finds themselves lacking room with average-sized handbags, the Alma GM is what you’ll need. You can find a variety of authentic pre-loved Alma bags among our collection.


Many options to choose from for the Speedy

The last bag on our list happens to be the first-ever designer handbag made by Louis Vuitton. Modelled after the Keepall, the Speedy bag was intended to become a more compact version of its predecessor. Ironically, the Speedy bag comes in a wide range of sizes which end up differing quite a lot from one extreme to the other. The four classic sizes come in as 25, 30, 35, and 40 - much like the Keepalls centimetre sizing. The Speedy 25 will let you carry your daily essentials quite easily. Think wallet, phone, sunglasses case, and cosmetics pouch for starters. The Speedy 30 is a good size for running your errands throughout the day. Comfortable and practical, without being too bulky. The Speedy 35 can be an ideal office bag with enough room to carry what you’ll need for a busy day out! When it comes to the Speedy 40, keep in mind that you’re nearing the size of the smallest Keepall. A Speedy 40 bag will have the room you’d need for all your essentials, a water bottle, and a comfy sweater. It could even be a small weekender bag if you pack light enough. The Speedy also comes in four additional sizes that appear as limited editions for the bag! The Speedy BB is quite comparable in size to the Speedy 25 and what you’d expect to carry with it - just the essentials. If you’re wondering about the Mini Sac HL Speedy and the Nano Speedy, know that these cute options are strictly for the bare minimum. They nearly fit in the palm of your hand! You’ll definitely enjoy carrying them around for a night out of carefree fun. The last Speedy on our list is the Neo Speedy, which is an irregularly shaped Speedy that’s longer than most. The Neo Speedy is very similar in terms of size and carrying capacity as the Speedy 25 - just longer! You can explore our varied collection of Speedy bags and find yours today.


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the different sizes available for our top styles. Even if you already own one style in a single size, just know that there is still a lot of variety to be had with all the different measurements that exist. Still need bag inspiration? Read last week’s blog on the top 5 styles you need in your closet.

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