Authenticity Guaranteed

We Own Everything You See

Authenticity Report Request

As of January 1, 2021, LXRandCo offers reports on purchased items that outline authentication details. 

To request an authenticity report, please send us an email with your order confirmation. 

An email will then be sent to you in order to process the following fees for authenticity reports: 

  • All items, excluding Hermes Birkin & Kelly: $50 CAN 
  • Hermes Birkin & Kelly: $150 CAN 

 Once requested, our product team then will send the authenticity report with 2 business days by email.


As expert curators of the world's best luxury goods, we pride ourselves in our rigorous authenticity protocol. Every product we acquire has undergone a thorough multi-step control check by master authenticators to meet the highest standards of excellence.

  • Every item you see is fully owned by LXRandCo – goodbye, questionable consignment.
  • Every item we own is double-authenticated by our experts - our head buyer and a second member of our team review the authenticity of every purchase we make.
  • Every item we sell is authenticity guaranteed.

Means by which we ensure the authenticity of our collection:

  1. Expert buyers: Our buying team works together to knowledge-share and verify each piece before it joins our collection. Each buyer on our tight-knit team comes from a luxury background and is thoroughly trained by our head buyer on what to look for when evaluating quality designer products. 
  2. Double-authentication: Each piece is verified by at least two members of our buying and production team - including  our head buyer. 
  3. Owned inventory: Unlike consignment retailers, we purchase our products outright through private auctions, individual collections, and directly from clients. We stand behind each and every carefully selected piece in our collection. 
  4. Tight brand focus: We don't sell every product type and we don't sell every brand. We intentionally limit the brands we carry amongst our collection in order to focus on the most iconic items from the world's best luxury brands. This allows us to better get to know the conditions and unique craftsmanship behind each brand. Our team can tell the subtle differences between a brand’s bag produced one year to the next.