Get an Appraisal

Sell Your Luxury Goods

We want to encourage our clients to sell the pieces that are just sitting in the back of their closets. Who knows? The piece that you sell could be the little reluxury that somebody else is dreaming about.

If you own a designer item, but are ready to upgrade to the latest style, our appraisal and purchase process will save you the trouble of trying to sell it yourself through less reputable channels.

We offer direct, competitive prices based on the condition, model, and demand of the product.

Why Sell to Us?

  1. It's quick: We reply within one business day upon receipt of your appraisal request
  2. No strings attached: If you don't like the appraised value, you don't have to sell your goods
  3. Easy payments: We send payment to you directly

How Does it Work?

Selling your luxury goods to LXRandCo is simple.
  1. Get an online appraisal: Go directly to our Sell Your Handbag page and complete all required fields in the form. We will be in touch within one business day upon receipt of your appraisal request.
  2. Get an in-store appraisal: Visit any of our 80+ retail destinations throughout North America to have an immediate in-store appraisal conducted.