Our Rating System

We Own It. We Rate It.

Due to the nature of vintage items, we use a condition-rating system when verifying merchandise in order to determine the most appropriate selling price. 

All of our items are pre-loved to varying degrees, and have several different types of wear. We rank different types of wear based on their severity and prominence, and how these conditions affect the overall appearance and function of the item. Each carry a value that downgrades an item to a lower condition grade.

Our Ratings

S-Condition: These items are perfect, unused items. These items are quite rare and come with original accessories such as the dust bag, box, and tags. The original packaging is what differentiates an S-Condition item from an A-Condition item.

A-Condition: These items are considered either unworn or are worn so little that no flaws can be easily found. Though these items do not come with all original packaging, they are in excellent condition. For example, an A-Condition Louis Vuitton item will have no noticeable darkening to the vachetta trim.

AB-Condition: Items are in good condition with only slight wear. They differ from A-Condition items due to small flaws that are easily detected, like small scuff marks in the corners or light water marks.

B-Condition: These items are in good to fair condition overall. These items look vintage and look well-loved. Water marks and dark patina on Louis Vuitton items are considered B-Condition.

BC-Condition: These items are infrequently found in our collection. BC-Condition implies that the functionality of the bag may be affected. Broken straps and obvious holes and tears are considered BC.